About Us

We aren’t innovators. We use innovations like Internet to solve problems for users, in a specific universe. Some of the problems we are working already has solutions available, but with disgruntled users. Naturally, we too aren’t convinced with the solutions on offer and plunged into building versions, we think are right. Our fundamental approach to problems is to join ALL relevant pieces in an ecosystem with tech adhesive to have more Beneficiaries per User and more Outcomes per action. It wasn’t easy and we soon realized the problems are much deeper and the solutions more complex. When our initial adopters blessed our approach, we realized we are actually creating a new category ie., LaaS on PaaS – Lending as a Service on Platform as a Service. We named our solution as LBIT - Lending Built on Integrated Technology.

The ecosystem we are immersed-in is automobile. Any individual or business, even remotely connected with automobile industry has one or the other solution built or in the making by us. Yes! There is a good possibility that some adjacent use-cases could find solutions in our offerings, but that wasn’t intentional.

We hope you find our solutions to be useful as much we enjoy, building them for you. We deeply appreciate your time to know us.